Smith Island, Maryland-Where Ewell Elementary School is Located


Smith Island is Maryland’s only inhabited Chesapeake Bay Island that is unattached to the mainland by bridge or causeway (Tangier Island, located nearby and to the south, is located in Virginia).

Smith Island is located about 12 miles off the shore of Crisfield, Maryland, where boats ferry visitors, residents, mail and supplies back and forth from the island daily.

The island was first mapped by Captain John Smith in 1608.  The island is named for Henry Smith of Jamestown, who was granted 1,000 acres there in 1679.  There are a little over 200 year around residents living on Smith Island.

Smith Island is actually a collection of small islands, most of which are not inhabited.  There are three distinct communities on Smith;  Ewell, Tylerton, and Rhodes Point.  Ewell is the largest, and is where the tourist boats bring visitors and the mail boat brings supplies.  Ewell is also where the visitor center and the island’s three restaurants are located.

You can get to Rhodes Point by land from Ewell, but you have to get to Tylerton by boat.  Rhodes Point is the island’s boat repair center and the location of the island’s marine railway, where boats can be lifted out of the water for repairs.

The Smith Island way of life is tied to the Chesapeake Bay, where resident watermen harvest fresh seafood, mostly in the form of crabs, clams, and oysters.

Over 4,000 acres of marshland on the island are managed as the Martin National Wildlife Refuge."  (